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Hi everyone!

So I'm ishime, age 22, French girl living in Rouen, Normandy. I've studied English at university and am currently studying linguistics, but I'm still a proud little frog who loves her own language above any other.
I'm a hopeless geek who breathes manga and craves fanfiction like nobody's business. I spend most of my free time writing fics - been doing that for about ten years now - and I also draw and roleplay. Every now and then I play around with RPG maker XP - most of my gaming time is spent on amateur games, too.

This is mostly a fandom journal. It's also mostly open to anyone - only the occasional post about my private life might get friend-locked.
So expect fanfics, memes, a lot of ranting and some fanarts once in a blue moon. I switch randomly between English, French and bilingual. I try to tag posts with English content, though, so you can skip the French if you can't read it.
Here are my fic masterlist and my fandom list.

About language:
I hate chatspeak. I find it hard to decipher and very unpleasant to read, so please, refrain from using it on my journal.
You can talk to me either in English or in French. Switching back and forth is fine, too. I don't understand any other language.
I don't have a beta, so feel free to point out any typo, grammar mistake, weird phrasing or canon error in my fics. In fact, I'd be very grateful for your help!

Roleplay Stuff:
- [ profile] nr_fanworks is an LJ community I created to archive all the random bits I wrote about my Naruto OCs.
- [ profile] wicked_harmony (along with [ profile] pokelj, [ profile] rules_4_harmony and [ profile] route_34) is a French roleplay community for the main series of Pokémon games. I created the game and manage it. My admin account is [ profile] prof_platane.
- [ profile] eeveesmine is my RP account for Blue, the rival character in the Pokémon Red and Blue games.
- [ profile] icanseeghosts is my RP account for Morty, Ecruteak's gym leader in the Pokémon Gold and Silver games.
- [ profile] rockethounds is my RP account for Archer, Team Rocket's temporary boss in the Pokémon Heart Gold and Soul Silver games.

My main e-mail adress is the one listed on my profile. Feel free to use it.
My MSN adress is private. I don't give it away to strangers. If I have listed you as a friend, don't hesitate to ask for it, though!

Merci, bonsoir ~

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